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CDN architecture

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  5. What is a CDN

With geo restriction, you can restrict content delivery to any country.

Content Distribution Network

CloudFront features custom error responses, dynamic content support, live media streaming and a management console that lets you manage your CloudFront without writing any code. You can view the access logs to learn how, when, where and to whom your content is being delivered. CloudFlare protects and accelerates your website, and once it's part of the CloudFlare community, your web traffic is routed through its global network.

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  • Speed up your web apps with a global CDN.

CloudFlare automatically optimizes the delivery of your webpages to achieve the fastest load times and best performance possible. Threats, abusive bots and crawlers are blocked from wasting your bandwidth and server resources. It's simple to set up, and only requires a change to your DNS settings, with no hardware or software to install or maintain.

Content delivery network

CloudFlare provides analytics to give insight into all of your website's traffic including threats and search engine crawlers. The suite of apps means you can extend the capabilities of CloudFlare on your website. Incapsula is an application-aware CDN that boosts website performance by using advanced networking, dynamic caching and content optimization techniques.

It secures your website against DDos attacks, and provides load balancing and failover directly from the cloud, with real-time health and monitoring notifications. It works by routing all traffic to your website or web applications and profiles it to block threats. Incapsula only takes a few minutes to set up and activate on your website, with no hardware or software to install, and you can keep your current hosting provider.

It can also be turned off and on as necessary. Edgecast is a distributed global network of servers built for speed, security and scalability. It handles traffic spikes, secures websites and helps accelerate the performance of web applications. You can serve both dynamic and static content from an optimal CDN location, to deliver the fastest possible speed.

Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) - Panopto Video Platform

The analytics suite gives you constant updates on server performance, user demographics and bandwidth utilization. The network was built to deliver rich media quickly with live, on-demand streaming capabilities in Flash, Silverlight or HTTP. CacheFly CDN delivers the static objects on your website audio, video, files, CSS up to 10 times faster, with over 30 points of presence strategically spread worldwide near the Internet's major peering points.

These locations enable content providers to place their content closer to their audience or end users, resulting in faster, more efficient and reliable delivery of rich media content. The on-demand bandwidth prevents performance degradation or timeouts during traffic spikes.

The robust platform provides full access to your files, with a simple interface for modifying files without using complicated API's. Video meetings are increasingly important as the workforce grows more distributed and joins meetings from personal devices, The vendor has also brought Webex Calling to its The vendor also released in beta software Mobile devices have become a steady presence in today's workplace. Learn about mobile devices in businesses and how they can help The Intune mobile device management features that IT can deploy differ based on which mobile OS users run.

The latest versions of Apple's new line of iPhones made headlines for better battery life and cameras, but it's the improved security features that will Proper implementation requires research and a suitable hardware Though despite interest, this Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is seeing early adoption from a diverse array of customers, although OCI's market share remains This was last updated in May What are the top benefits of CDN services for enterprises?

What Is a CDN?

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    What is a CDN

    Online Video Platform. How does a video CDN work? More publishing features. The delivery is seamless — regardless of which device the viewer uses. Video Channel The all-in-one solution for publishing and selling live and on-demand video content. Start your own corporate, campus or media channel easily and quickly. Video Sharing and Distribution Reach an even greater audience and get more revenue out of videos that you share and distribute.

    Video Security Monetize your video content!