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Monarch or Viceroy? Article Journal. Viceroy butterflies look like monarchs to the untrained observer. How can you be sure which species you're seeing? Wings The coloring and pattern of monarch and viceroy wings look nearly identical. However, a viceroy has a black line crossing the postmedian hindwing. Size Viceroys are smaller than monarchs, although this size difference may be difficult to see in the field. Comparing wingspans:. Your Money.

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Butterflies Behaving Badly: What They Don’t Want You to Know

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Options Trading Strategies. Stock Option Alternatives. Advanced Options Concepts. Table of Contents Expand. What Is a Butterfly Spread?

Understanding Butterflies. Long Call Butterfly. Short Call Butterfly. Long Put Butterfly. Short Put Butterfly. Iron Butterfly. Reverse Iron Butterfly. Key Takeaways There are multiple butterfly spreads, all using four options.

All butterfly spreads use three different strike prices. The upper and lower strike prices are equal distance from the middle, or at-the-money, strike price. Each type of butterfly has a maximum profit and a maximum loss.

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Where exactly are they going? With a massive effort by volunteer citizen scientists, we can begin to piece together this migratory puzzle with butterfly checklisting.

Collection 12222

Things did not improve until late August. As Harry LeGrande commented elsewhere the 2nd brood of butterflies seemed to be weeks early this fall.

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Fast-forward to and this time, as a pre-trip to the LepSoc meeting in Ottawa, a new team of entomologists with a varied range of expertise, skill, and interests was put together to follow on the steps of that first expedition. Toggle navigation. Latest News.