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How to Build Your Own Wood-Fired Earth Oven

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Have you dreamed of building a simple wood fired outdoor pizza oven and making delicious pizzas or breads in your backyard? People have been building ovens for centuries in all parts of the world. This simple DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven uses easy to find natural materials, and it works amazingly well see it in action below!

Building a Wood-Fired Oven for Bread and Pizza

This type of oven is called earth oven, or cob oven. They are made with readily available and often free materials, and a proven technique that has been used for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Alan Scott Bread Oven Build.

No special tools are needed, it is also great as a group project to create with friends! Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. During the 6 hour long class, we built 2 portable earth ovens, which were auctioned the next day. I learned so much about building with earth and other readily available materials. These 3 pictures are from our friend Bill, who bought the earth pizza oven made by the class last year.

Building a Wood-fired Oven for Bread and Pizza : Tom Jaine :

He loves it so much and decided to join our class this year so he can build another one! Bill has been using his DIY wood fired pizza oven almost once a week for a year now. Baked pizza, bread at F then cooled to F and did the bean casserole and still the next day 24hrs oven still at F for any drying of fruit!! For each part of clay soil, we mix in part sand. More sand if using pure clay. Make sure the mix does not have any sharp rocks or debris. If unsure, wear rain boots! Put everything on a large tarp, add some water, and start singing and dancing — which means, mixing!

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Folding the tarp is a good way to get everything mixed more thoroughly. How fun it is that our work is to dance in the mud? The cob ovens we made in class had a base of sheet metal bolted onto a wood frame pictures below to be portable , then placed on a sturdy foundation at their new home. The insulation will prevent the masonry from absorbing all the valuable heat we want for cooking, and protect the wood foundation from burning. The glass jars and vermiculite provide insulation. The fire brick hearth is set on top of that.

Related article: Staying at an Earthship: a unique home that produces food, cleans water, and turns trash to treasure! The purpose of the thermal layer is to hold heat in its dense mass. Be careful not to press into the sand form, which would cause the form to shift.

A wood-fired oven…

The difference between this layer and the thermal layer is that the mixture here has more air, which is great for preventing heat loss of the thermal layer! When coarse saw dust or wood shavings are mixed with just enough clay to hold the shape, and when they are exposed to the high temperature from the thermal layer, a new material- clay foam — is created. An earthen plaster is applied to the final layer to give the cob oven a smooth finish and decorative sculptural details!

First, you can download the free Ebook with lots more details here :. That Ebook hyperlink only sends me to the sign up page for the website newsletter. Lorie My20Croft15 aol. The book is historically fascinating; thank you for the link to it!

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven – 12222 Buying Guide and Top 5

What, whoa! This is crazy cool. Ugh, good lord. I bet they would be heaven… on…earth. This is so cool!! I have never seen a blog post even remotely similar to this. When I get a house of my own, this is first on the list of outdoor necessities. GREAT post!! This is seriously amazing! My boyfriend tried to make one once.. My jaw literally dropped when I saw how cool this was! This is so cool. You always share the coolest stuff and I am here for it! Lay a piece of paper over the opening and mark the shape to create a template. Lay your template over a piece of timber and cut it to size.

Once the fire has burned down, remove the coals and place the door on, your very own wood-fired oven is now ready to bake! This article is a great guide to making an earth oven using clay. And when you're ready to fire the oven and cook, here's sage advice from oven expert Kiko Denzer on firing an oven. And what should you bake? My pizza , of course! You can use the base for any toppings - or if you can't decided, try all three of my ideas. More of Paul's recipes Nan's jam and coconut slice A simple delicious slice made from pantry staples.

This is my interpretation of the iconic Spanish dish, paella. The oil from the chorizo imparts a delicious flavour. Signout Sign in Create an account.

How to build a simple DIY wood-fired oven

Paul Hollywood. Paul West and the oven he and some helping hands built on the River Cottage Farm. River Cottage Australia. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid.

River Cottage Australia's Paul West shares how to make your own bread and pizza oven. By Paul West. Check local regulations for what applies where you are, including what may apply on private land. Paul West's Pizza three ways. More of Paul's recipes. The ideal accompaniment for a piece of fatty, fried pork, such as bacon or sausages. This week's top Food TV picks. Matthew Evans dives deep into the question 'what does what I eat, eat?

SBS On Demand. Watch all of Season 1 as Frank Pinello explores the incredible world of pizza from Chicago's deep dish to the New York 'fold'. Newly added. A lesson in culinary simplicity from Gil Hovav's grandmothers.

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